The Frog Shop

Tired of scratching my helmet on the floor! Now you can be safe and sound with your accessory. I recommend it!
Very useful saving the helmet rolling. The times that deteriorates me the most is in the putting and leaving …!
A very useful and original idea to extend the life of our helmets.
Just love The Frog, especially on my daily use helmet. It not only kepps my helmet stable but also helps me use my helmet stable as a bucket so i can keep things in it (like gloves, wallet). The built quality is excellent. Love it!
Never had a frog been such a companion, a great gadget to extend life to the helmet. If it had existed before, my helmet would have saved some scratch!
It has become so essential that in the end I have attachet it! I need this for all helmets!
This is the only frog that I like for being the only one that saves my helmet from scratching by having to leave it on the ground. For a long life to the helmet!
Excellent product to leave your helmet anywhere without worrying that it falls … 100% recommended if you like to take care of your helmet!
Great idea of ​​the frog legs for the helmet! Who would say that this simple accessory would help you so much and avoid the happy scratches …
Tired of scratching my helmet on the floor, now you can be safe and sound with your accessory. I recommend it!
@ jordi4pech
Tired of when I go to the movies or football the helmet will touch the ground. Thanks to the frog, this is fixed! Great idea guys!
Delighted with @thefroghelmet 🐸! A great invention to leave the helmet anywhere, without dragging crap from side to side .. 🙌🏽