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The Frog Helmet, the Support that stabilizes & takes care of your Helmet

Why use a portable protective helmet holder?

Fortunately, it has been a long time since the helmet went from being a unique necessity for racing drivers to an indispensable protector used daily by millions of motorcyclists. But although its design has been modified by very different changes in its aesthetics, aerodynamics, etc. had not been taken into account until today, how difficult it is to live with a spherical shape whose only point of support is its lining. Meanwhile, millions of helmet users we have become without realizing in “Gollums” that try to keep it as new avoiding that it does not end up rolling on the floor with everything that it has inside …

When I provided the first prototypes of The Frog Helmet I realized that I had found a good solution to the problems of instability and deterioration of the helmets, as well as an enormous sense of comfort and tranquility that I had to share with others, so that during the 6 Long years of thinking and designing the time has come to introduce you this little invention: Helmet Support The Frog Helmet is a reality!

Luis de Arquer

The colors of The Frog


Types of helmets and their placement

Placement and types of helmets

Types of Helmets
The Frog can be attached to all types of motorcycle helmets, Full Face, Modular or Jet whose shells offer a smooth surface that allows it. Similarly, it can be used in Bicycle helmets, Scooter, Skate, Ski, Horse riding, etc.

How to place The Frog?
Choose Top or Rear positioning.
It will depend on where you like it most or where your helmet allows it.

Top Position
At the edge of a table, look for the center of gravity of your helmet by grabbing it by the safety strap and observing where it rests. Flip the helmet pointing the position with your finger and hook The Frog as centered as possible.

Rear Position
Place your helmet centered on The Frog and look for your best stability. Flip the helmet pointing to the chosen position with your finger and hook The Frog as centered as possible.

It is indifferent, they offer the same stability in both directions …
With the “finger” long forward or backward.

Before Placing
Clean the chosen point.

After Placing
Press the piece so that it engages correctly.

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Deslizar 1

Technical Aspects

Technical aspects

Stability & Size
The design of The Frog has required a process of more than 4 years of work in which size, shape, material and hardness, have been the essential ingredients so that through the theory of the tripod of Euclides, we could offer maximum stability in The minimum size to all types of helmets. As we are very stubborn, we have achieved it and perhaps for that reason, one of the most prestigious design contests in the world has awarded us this year … The A’Design Awards.

The acrylic adhesive of 3M-VHB, is one of the top adhesives of the American brand that are also used by GoPro cameras.
Its enormous adherence contrasts with the ease with which it can be extracted as it becomes a kind of rubber that leaves no residue! It’s the perfect adhesive … that’s why we’ve chosen it!

The Frog measures 7cm wide by 8cm long

Material & Durability
Polyurethane of high resistance and great durability.

First Name
The Brachycephalus Tridactylus, is a small frog that belongs to a genus of endemic anuran amphibians discovered in 2007 in a natural reserve in southern Brazil. As its name suggests, the “Tridactylus” has three fingers instead of four, a quality that makes it the only frog in the world with these characteristics!
The discovery of this tiny and extraordinary amphibian became everything that the gadget represents … something new and unique and allowed that it could be baptized with the name of: “The Frog”.

Logo & Slogan
The logo reproduces the aesthetics of the American mail stamps and the Slogan plays with the famous phrase “Long LIve The Queen” “Long Live The Helmet / Long Live your helmet”.