Tired of seeing my helmet roll around among gloves, glasses and keys on the floor and feeling its lining wet from having left it lying around on some bar or table, I decided to look for a solution based on the premise of 3 things: functionality, size and aesthetics.
It was necessary to create a gadget easy to incorporate into the helmet or stick onto a table and at the same time provide the stability necessary to avoid it falling over.
First of all I applied three isolated points of plasticine to the helmet, which gave it great stability thanks to its tripod effect and bit by bit I started to define the shape of the gadget until I decided on the final version…
I already had the ´instrument´, so now I had to give it a name… at first I called it ´Ipsilon´ for its resemblance to the letter ´Y´ although I realised straight away that the form of its fingers as well as its main characteristic – its stickiness – made it similar to that of a Frog.

From that moment on, I knew that ´The Frog´ was the name that should baptise the new gadget… however, there was a minor inconvenience; that frogs don’t have 3 legs but 4… which made it evident that I couldn’t use that name.
Without haste I set to work on looking for a miracle on the internet until in a small article I came across the following: The Brachycephalus tridactylus is a type of anuran amphibian endemic to Brazil… a tiny frog discovered in 2007 in a natural reserve in the south of Brazil which, as its name ´tridactylus´ suggests, is the only frog in the world with only 3 legs!
At once, this miniscule and extraordinary amphibian became everything the invention should be: something unique, different, interesting, and striking which put to rest any doubts over what the definitive name would be… naturally, it had to be ´The Frog´.
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