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The Frog. A practical idea? Probably yes.


Luis de Arquer is known for being a composer who organizes and stars musical endearing evenings in his house in Barcelona, a stately and old 1890 tower with garden located in the popular Gràcia neighborhood. The concerts are open to public … restricted because in fact the room and the stage are tiny. That is the grace and what characterizes the house Arquer.

A couple can spend a refreshing summer night taking first a few drinks in the garden and then enjoy the opera buffa “One day with Vincent” – composition of Arquer himself, for example, or enjoy a piano solo from any work played by Arquer from the repertoires of the great masters. Of course, privacy is assured because the stage actually measures 1.60 X 3.60 meters and the room can fit a maximum of 41 people.

The summer concerts began in 2009 and since then more than 300 have been made. The normal price for a hearing or Evening usually does not exceed 25€. Ah, this original theater is known as “El Teatre més Petit del Món”. (The Smallest Theater in the World). It is also open to all kinds of events and performances. ( Tel 625511074

A way to avoid painful scratches

But … what the hell does a classic concert have to do with motorcycles?

It’s what I asked myself when we were introduced … by WhatsApp. I had been told that a musician wanted to teach me something weird but interesting. I know mechanics who do interesting works but in general not very rare, so as I am curious I opened my mobile phone and I was able to see besides the information of the Teatre més Petit del Món a small dossier that headed the brand The Frog.
Inside were some graphics and some plans very worked that seemed to be part of the design of a dome of the Sistine Chapel. Later, when I saw a girl with a helmet and “the weird thing” stuck to the calotte, I understood it more and better.
I remember when I was little and my mother sent me to buy eggs at the market. They put me half a dozen wrapped up and stuffed all of them and pressed a sheet of folded newspaper. Rare the day he did not get home broken. Then they invented the boxes protects eggs we know.

Luis de Arquer is a sensitive musician and composer but he is also a motorist and I sense that I am a bit obsessed with ideas. Have you bought a new expensive helmet and when you put on your jacket and leave it badly placed on the motorcycle it fell to the ground? Yes? Well, you know how it feels like. Or maybe that happened to you when you loaded with several packages looking for a place to leave the helmet and it rolled away, leaving at each turn some scuffs sculpted by the beautiful asphalt.

A helmet is not stable because its shape is similar to that of an egg and what I know is that those that my mother ordered me some of them ended up breaking. At first glance, in agreement, it seems silly. A stabilizer sticker on a helmet so it does not move? Or not so much.

Give me a point of support, … and the helmet will not fall or scratch!

Luis knows that there are a lot of people who care about their helmet but let me tell you that this is not 100% true. There are people leaving their helmet like a spit on the ground, anyway I also know that there are more careful motorists than at any given time and for various reasons – if you have opened the scooter seat, for example – let the helmet rest a few minutes on the asphalt because it is flat. If you leave a Schuberth upside down on the ground it is easy to lie down and if not, the top will be scratched and if you decide to leave it on its base in contact with the dirty ground … the microbes or some bug will appear.

That’s what Luis de Arquer thought and after several tests, he took out this adhesive support that keeps most helmets isolated and protected from scratches in the city and on road trips where sometimes you do not have hands for everything. Look what a coincidence, the musician Arquer has made this invention and the scientist Archimedes made the lever. He was so happy and he said: “Give me a point of support and I will move the world”. Arquer says: Give me a helmet and I’ll give you a foothold.

When I have taught people the adhesive most have smiled but some after a few seconds have raised their eyebrows and thinking about it they have said: “It’s ok.., … it seems practical”.

Personally, I think the best place to stick it is behind the calotte because it does not interfere with the aerodynamics and the helmet is stable on any flat terrain. Above it makes sense in the city’s hulls, where the possible turbulence does not affect them and the use of haulage is continued.

This year 2018 the idea has achieved in Italy the A’Design Awards. Its use is wide because it serves both for motorcycles or other specialties. The adhesive supports are made in various colors, are sold in kits (for stores or promotions) and are also sold to individuals. It’s a simple and original gift, right?

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