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The Frog in Solo Moto magazine !!!

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Once we get off the motorcycle and we take off our helmet to go home, to work, or to drink something, we have to deal with the hassle of thinking where we left off. Surely on more than one occasion, you have thought how good support for the portable helmet would be.

Its spherical shape only allows us to support it by the base, which means the constant friction of the lining in that area, which always ends up dirty. That, when you’re lucky. But after years on a motorcycle, it is more than likely that on some occasion you have not seen any other solution than to leave it on the ground. And in that case, if you leave it the other way around, the helmet ends up rolling and, therefore, scratching. But if you leave it well supported … How disgusting!

That could change thanks to The Frog, a support for portable helmet that will allow you to leave it upside down, without damaging it and without risk to roll, and in a very simple way. Awarded in the A’Design Awards for its design, The Frog is a small support with three points of support that attaches to the helmet on its back or back. The support for portable helmet, invented by the composer and pianist from Barcelona Luis de Arquer, is made of high strength and durability polyurethane. Measures 7 cm wide by 8 cm long and uses a powerful acrylic adhesive 3M-VHB, harmless to your enamel. In addition, for the more detailed in design, it is available in 6 different colors.


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